IAF Chief of Staff - Brigadier General Amikam Norkin

Brigadier General Amikam Norkin was drafted to IAF Pilot Course in 1985. During his service in the force, he served as commander of the "Knights of the Twin Tail" squadron and as Head of Operation during the Second Lebanon War. In 2009, he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and Commander of Tel-Nof Airbase. In March 2012, he was appointed Head of Air Division. In august 2014, he was appointed IAF chief of staff. Brigadier General Norkin is a graduate of the National Defense College and holds a Master's Degree in social sciences with honors from the Haifa University. The chief of staff Division is in charge of the force infrastructure and coordinates the headquarters' missions among the divisions. The division assures an effective use of the IAF's resources. The division characterizes the force's weaponry and information needs and sets the force's weaponry and developments priorities. In addition, the division is in charge of the force's budget, sets its annual and perennial work plans and represents the force in the General Staff, governments' offices and foreign countries. The IAF chief of staff is the deputy of the IAF Commander and his substitute in times of need.