הכור לפני ההפצצה (משמאל) ובמהלכה (מימין)

Operation "Opera"

June 7th, 1981

IAF F-16s, escorted by F-15s, destroy the Iraqi nuclear reactor 'Osirac' near Baghdad.

Operation "Wooden Leg"

October 1st, 1985

IAF F-15s bomb PLO headquarters in Tunis. This is the longest-ranged attack the IAF has ever carried out.

Operation "Blue and Brown"

December 8-9th, 1988

Four Golani (Infantry unit) regiment soldiers are stranded in terrorist territory after an IDF operation at Nueimeh. The four are tied to the skids of the Cobras that come to their rescue, and are thus flown to Israeli navy boats that await them.

Operation 'Solomon'

Operation "Solomon"

May 24th, 1991

The largest-scale airlift in Israel's history brings over 14 thousand Jews to Israel from Ethiopia. The operation lasts 33 hours, and involves 41 round-trips by 35 IAF and El Al planes.

Operation "Accountability"

July 25-31, 1993

In response to the escalation of hostilities along the northern border, the IDF mounts a large scale operation against the terrorists in South Lebanon. IAF planes carry out over 1,000 sorties and destroy dozens of terrorist targets.

Operation "Grapes of Wrath"

Aprin 11-27th, 1996

Following the escalation in Hizbullah's activities against the IDF and the settlements in the north, the IDF launches a large scale operation against the organization

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