Operation "Rhodes"

January 22, 1970

The IDF captures the island of Shaduan.

Operations "Marilyn", "Malka 1" and "Malka 2"

March 15-16th, 1970

The IAF lands ground forces in Syria, for commando operations.

Operations 'Shafat 37' and 'Shafat 47'

Operations "Shafat 37" and "Shafat 47"

June 16th, 1970

IAF Yas’ur and Super Frelon helicopters land Paratroop forces in Syria. They shell a basic training camp near the town of Nabek and blow up a bridge near Barek.

Operation "Aviv Ne'urim"

April 9-10th, 1973

IAF planes lend close air support to Paratroop, Sayeret Matkal and Shayetet 13 (marine commando) forces in an operation against terrorist leaders in Beirut.

Operation 'Thunderball'

Operation "Thunderball"

July 3-4th, 1976

An elite IDF force is flown in IAF C-130 Hercules transports to Entebbe Airport in Uganda, to free hostages from a hijacked Air France flight.

Operation 'Litani'

Operation "Litani"

March 15-21st, 1978

In retaliation for a murderous attack on a passenger bus on the Haifa - Tel Aviv coastal road, the IDF launches a large scale attack on terrorist organizations in southern Lebanon, with close air support from the IAF.

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