Operation "Helem"

October 31st, 1968

Super-Frelon helicopters land paratroopers far behind Egyptian lines, at the Aswan Dam power plant and near two bridges along the Nile.

Beirut airport after the operation

Operation "Tshura"

December 28th, 1968

A Paratroop force under Col. Refael Eitan storms Beirut International Airport. The force blows up 14 Arab passenger planes in retaliation for terrorist attacks on El Al planes.

סופר פרלון

Operation "Bustan 22"

April 29th - 30th, 1969

A Super Frelon lands an infantry force near the city of Luxor, in Egypt. The force sabotages high voltage wires and a control antenna.

Operation "Bustan 37"

June 30th, 1969

A Super Frelon helicopter carries an elite infantry unit to a site between Aswan and Cairo. Its mission: to demolish high voltage wires.

Operation "Boxer 1"

July 20th, 1969

The IAF attacks more targets in Egypt. Two Egyptian MiGs and two Israeli Skyhawks are shot down in dogfights. Two additional MiGs are brought down by an Israeli Hawk battery.

אנטנת מכ"ם P-12

Operation "Rooster 53"

December 26-27, 1969

In a sophisticated operation, Paratroop forces take over a Soviet radar station near Ras 'Arb in Egypt. Two CH-53 Yas'ur helicopters 'abduct' the radar and bring it to Israel - intact and in perfect working order.

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