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Chief of General Staff Visits Palmahim Release date 10.01.2018
Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, the IDF Chief of General Staff, visited Palmahim AFB this week, where he visited the RPAV and helicopter squadrons, as well as the "Shaldag" Commando Unit
Hadas Levav

This week, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, IDF Chief of General Staff, visited Palmahim AFB alongside IAF Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin and Col. Y', Head of the Air Force Special Operations Command. As part of the visit, Lt. Gen. Eizenkot visited "Shaldag", the IAF's commando unit, and was briefed regarding their current operational activity. Soon afterwards, the Chief of General Staff joined a "Yanshuf" (Black Hawk) sortie with the "Rolling Sword" Squadron.

Photography: Celia Garion

"The greatest success we could hope for"
"We displayed our unique capabilities to the Chief of General Staff, both in the air and on the ground", said Lt. Col. G', Commander of the "Rolling Sword" Squadron. "These capabilities, which allow us to act in the case of a village being infiltrated by a terrorist squad, were developed alongside service members from across the entire military: the 'Shaldag' Unit, the IAF Cooperation Unit, the Special Police Unit and the IDF Gaza Division".

These capabilities were developed following extensive fieldwork, in which the squadron's personnel met with forces from regional brigades and civilian security coordinators from various villages. "The Chief of General Staff joined us for a demonstrative sortie, while also joining the combatants on the ground during the scenario", said Lt. Col. G'. "He was impressed by our capability to prevent infiltration, and was interested in defining it as an operational command for all relevant units in the IDF. This is the greatest success we could hope for – we found a field that needed further thought, developed a better solution, and now other units are due to implement it".

Photography: Celia Garion

Focal Point
Brig. Gen. N', Palmahim AFB Commander, added: "I thank the soldiers and the commanders who developed this special capability. The ‘Shaldag’ performs high quality operational activity with a lot of work behind it. They've developed groundbreaking capabilities on a worldwide level".

After the flight, Lt. Gen. Eizenkot was updated regarding the activity of the RPAV squadrons in the base. "We presented the Chief of General Staff with the various platforms we operate", concluded Brig. Gen. N'. "Helicopters, RPAVs, Special Aerial Forces and the way they're interconnected with our operational needs. Our platforms aren't this varied by mistake – Palmahim AFB is the IAF's cooperational focal point".