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Protecting the IAF Release date 11.09.2017
The Ground Defense Division's various units participated in a competition designed to test and improve their capabilities. With newly integrated defense brigades and advanced technology, the Ground Defense Division is more vigilant than ever before
Nadav Shacham

The Ground Defense Division's main mission is securing Israeli Air Force bases and personnel. Last week, the division's servicemen participated in a competition held annually at the IAF's Infantry Academy. "The bases prepare for the competition months in advance, and arrive at the competition as ready as possible. It's an opportunity to examine our servicemen's capabilities. Based on the results of the competition, we reach conclusions regarding their readiness, and determine a work program for the following year", said Lt. Col. Shai, Head of the Ground Defense Branch in the Security Department.

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A Spectrum of Specialties
The competition was made up of a number of segments, each one meant to test a different aspect of the Ground Defense Division's missions. For example, a "simultaneous firing" station meant to test the Ground Defense teams' accuracy and their ability to function under pressure. Another assignment was to secure the base's transportation stations, and respond to situations the way they would respond in the field. After performing the preliminary response stages, they trained in active response to the event of a terrorist attack on the transportation station by attacking the hostile, using self-defense, overpowering the hostile and searching him for weapons.

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Prepared and Alert
"We began preparing for the competition two months ago. We tested our servicemen's knowledge and fitness", explained Maj. Roy, Commander of the Ground Defense Branch in the Technical School in Haifa. "We all want to win. The preparation is important in and of itself, seeing as it requires the Ground Defense's branches to improve their competence".

The Ground Defense Division's capabilities are adjusted according to the potential threat, which changes from AFB to AFB – this poses a challenge for the Ground Defense teams, which perform lookouts and patrols to secure the base as best as possible.

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The Ground Defense branches spread across the IAF's bases use advanced technological systems, such as state-of-the-art cameras, a "smart fence" which alerts whenever something comes into contact with it, and advanced watchtowers. This progressive equipment – alongside the competition – helps usher the Ground Defense Division into a new era of preparedness.