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Meet Our Aerial Medics Release date 06.08.2017
Medics from across the IDF participate in the Aerial Medics course, in which they are trained in the extraction of casualties on the ground and in the air. They become acquainted with the IAF, and learn the basics of being aircrew members
Hadas Levav

The Aerial Medics course is the IAF Medical Division's most prestigious course, occurring only once per year. Usually, at least half of the medics in the course are taken from all across the IDF and not just the IAF. "The course is open to the entire IDF on the grounds that exposure to the air force would strengthen the cooperation between branches", said Lt. Col. Dr. Shachar, Head of the Aerial Medicine Branch.  "The course is heavily in demand because of its exclusiveness, seeing as the number of available spots is limited and only the best medics are accepted".

Photo courtesy of the interviewees

A Part of the Team
Maj. Yossi Biton, head of the Instructional Branch, says that the Aerial Medics' goal is to learn the basics of being an aircrew member in order to provide rescued casualties with medical support while in the air. "The Aerial Medics course has not been carried out in its original format for over five years", added Maj. Biton, before saying that the newly recognized importance of the Aerial Medics led to a reform in the course. Now, the course is carried out as originally planned, with all the content necessary to train the medics inclusively.

Photo courtesy of the interviewees

"We have realized that aerial medics are needed in events with multiple casualties, both in Israel and abroad", said Lt. Col. Dr. Shachar. "For example, a situation such as an earthquake would require the transportation of casualties from hospitals in northern Israel to hospitals in central Israel. Such an event would be taken care of by SAR Unit 669, but it would also require additional support. This is where the Aerial Medics come in".