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"Arrow 3" Test Was Successful Release date 10.12.2015
This morning, the Ministry of Defense along with the US Missile Defense Agency, conducted the first successful test using the "Arrow 3" defense system designated for outside of the atmosphere interceptions of ballistic missiles
IAF Magazine | Translation: Ofri Aharon

For the past three years, the Ministry of Defense, IAI (Israeli Aerospace Industries) and IAF have been conducting tests on the "Arrow 3". This morning another one was conducted.

After launching the Sparrow target missile, the Arrow's radar system identified the target, transferred its specs to the battle management center, which analyzed it and conducted a full interception plan. With the completion of the plan, an "Arrow 3" interceptor was launched towards the target and destroyed it in space. There are plans for more tests of the "Arrow 3" interceptor system in the future, until the division becomes operational.

The first test of flight in "Arrow 3" interceptor was conducted in February, 2013, as part of a series of developments and tests of its parameters. This was an additional step in building Israel's operational abilities to withstand threats. The first test was conducted in a test range in the center of Israel.

One of a Kind
The "Arrow 3" was built for intercepting missiles in far distances and is a central part of the multi-layered Defense System. Since the "Arrow" gained initial operational status in 2000, it has been developed and improved regularly by the IAF and Ministry of Defense. The purpose of its upgrades is to give the division greater abilities for its missions - intercepting ballistic missiles in long distances and highest altitudes.

In the past few years, the "Arrow" division has taken great strides. The new Block 4.1 has new radar that was added to its original radar, a new operational battery and launchers protection silos.

In order to analyze the innovations in the division, the IAF and defense industries conducted tests that checking its new features in field.

"The 'Arrow 3' is a result of our conclusions to this day in the interception field. It will be easier to produce and will most definitely be one of the most advanced missiles in the world in the field of active defense", stated Uzi Rubin, who headed of Administration for the Development of Weapons and the Technological Industry in the "Arrow" development system. "There haven't been any developments of a missile like the 'Arrow 3' in the world other than in Israel", Rubin said.

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