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Brain Games Release date 03.11.2015
The vision: integrating cognitive training in the IAF training program in order to improve thought processes among aircrew members, UAV operators, air traffic controllers and other IAF soldiers
Eilon Tohar & Nadav Berger | Translation: Ofri Aharon

Motor skills and piloting capabilities are not the only variables affecting the battlefield. One's ability to think in a fast and precise manner and to integrate into changing scenarios is also highly influential. Today, a study is being conducted to determine how to improve soldiers' cognitive skills in the IAF. The study includes 70 IAF soldiers who go through multiple tests using a computer program which gives the participants different tasks that are meant to train the brain and improve thought process and the brains ability to control the body.

The Vision: Mental Training Rooms
"Studies conducted to this day within the field have determined that it is possible to improve specific cognitive abilities through designated training. The present study is testing the effects of the trainings that integrate multiple trainings in order to improve the three main managing skills: memory, flexible thinking and control over reactions", explained Major Shirly Avital-Gordon, Head of Aviation Psychology Department who is conducting the study. "These trainings could aid others in the IAF, such as UAV operators and control officers and improve their cognitive abilities needed in real time".

The level of performance is measured according to their success in completing the missions and the brain waves measured by electrodes that are connected to their heads throughout the trainings.

According to the vision, if the study proves the ability to significantly enhance cognitive reaction, airbases will open mental training rooms in which soldiers can conduct different training to improve such abilities. These mental training rooms will be used by different IAF soldiers, such as aircrews, UAV operators, air traffic controllers and operational officers.


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The IAF is conducting to determine how to improve soldiers’ cognitive skills
The IAF is conducting to determine how to improve soldiers’ cognitive skills

Photo by: Hagar Amibar