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The "Blue-Flag" 2015 Training Exercise is Underway Release date 18.10.2015
Many international squadrons from various air forces, among them the American Air Force, landed in "Ouvda" Airbase in preparation for a large-scale training exercise held for the second time: The "Blue-Flag" 2015
Eilon Tohar & Shachar Zorani

The "Blue-Flag" 2015 training exercise, held for the second time, was opened earlier this week with the participation of American and other Air Forces squadrons in the "Ouvda" Airbase in the Israeli Arava desert region. The visiting squadrons will train alongside Israeli squadrons in one of the biggest exercises in IAF history which is also one of the focal points of cooperation between Israel and other Air Forces. Maj. Gen. Jen Slivka, The Polish Air Force Commander, landed today in Israel as the guest of Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, The Israeli Air Force Commander and will arrive tomorrow at the "Ouvda" airbase in order to observe the exercise.

IAF teams analyzed the first "Blue Flag" that took place two years ago, checking the successes and the improvements that can be implemented. The "Blue-Flag" is defined as the IAF's central training exercise this year, with the objective being a scenario in which the participants are collecting general and specific conclusions regarding coping with the contemporary battlefield.

The purpose of the "Blue-Flag" is to orchestrate different combat scenarios as realistically as possible. There is also an integration of additional forces besides fighter jets, amongst them are helicopters, airborne air-control and "Red" enemy infantry simulations. For the sake of the exercise, the "Flying Dragon" IAF aggressor squadron (which simulates enemy forces) has built a high quality training field which combines all of the challenges of operational activity in which the "Red" force is large and powerful.

Complex Scenarios in a Progressing Event
The training exercise advances in a progressive format - each day is a direct continuance of the previous day - a format which is used in order to realistically resemble war. Each scenario affects both sides: the "Red" side learns and improves, while the "Blue" side is rewarded according to its actions.

The Israeli participants are two F-15 squadrons, two F-16I ("Sufa") squadrons, two F16 C/D ("Barak") squadrons, heavy transport squadrons, helicopters and electronic warfare. The number of participating aircraft and threats under the "Red" squadron's control is unprecedented in Israel.

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