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The F-16I Acquires Small Diameter Bombs Release date 18.08.2015
For the first time since their arrival a decade ago, the F-16I "Sufa" fighter jets have been equipped with advanced Small Diameter Bombs (SDB), and will be the second model in the IAF to use them, following the F-15I
Shachar Zorani

The "Knights of the Orange Tail" squadron has acquired advanced small diameter bombs (SDB), a decade after the arrival of the F-16I fighter jets to the IAF. The SDBs, called "Barad Had" (Hebrew for "sharp hail"), are long-range guided bombs characterized by their accurate penetration capacity. The squadron has recently undergone an operational review to officially approve its use of SBD during war. "The inspection was the end result of a long journey in which many were involved," said Major Assaf, who led the review in the Air Operations Division.

Until recently, the F-15I "Hammers" squadron was the only squadron in the IAF to be equipped with SDB. Now, after a long process of preparations and training, the "Knights of the Orange Tail" squadron's fighter jets will also carry SDB, becoming the first F-16Is to use the advanced weapon. "The thought behind the move is to spread different capabilities among the force's squadrons, to provide operational flexibility to the force. In the process we combined the capabilities of the F-16I with the powerful SDB," said Major Assaf. "Obtaining this special weapon is a real quantum leap for the squadron and will enable the F-16Is to take part in special missions in various arenas."

The review spared no one. Every squadron member - from aircrew members to the planning team and technicians - was tested on theoretical knowledge. The review also included simulated training sessions for various potential war scenarios in Northern Israel.

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photo by: Hagar Amibar