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Helping Backward Populations Release date 15.06.2015
Over the past few months, soldiers of the IAF Headquarters have collected vital equipment for backward populations. Last week, the project came to fruition as the collected items were distributed in Tel-Aviv
Shani Poms

IAF soldiers help the community: in the past few months, soldiers of the IAF headquarters have been gathering various types of equipment which was distributed earlier this week distributed among citizens of low socioeconomic status in Tel-Aviv.

The important initiative started by one of the branches in the Air Operations Division and was conducted in cooperation with Tel-Aviv Welfare Department. "It was very moving to hear that officers and soldiers sit down together to think of ways to help weaker populations", says Ophira Yohanan Wallek, member of Tel Aviv City Council who took part in the project. "We were impressed not just by the blessed will, but also by the high level of execution and organization. The soldiers brought us an organized list of all the items, making the distribution much simpler".

"Almost one hundred soldiers took part in the project", explains Major Nimrod, one of the leaders of the project. "From the moment we came up with the idea, many soldiers offered to help and were eager to volunteer and contribute".

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Photo by: Gui Ashash