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Light Transport pilots simulating Release date 12.06.2015
Light transport pilots simulated operational sorties in the flight simulator in Sde-Dov Airbase. Among the simulated scenarios: tracking a weapon carrying vessel
Vered Talala

The light transport pilots of Sde Dov Airbase, who fly the "Beechcraft King Air" airplanes, arrived this week at the "Elbit Systems" flight simulator to practice operational scenarios based on past events.

During one of the sorties, the pilots were sent on a visual intelligence mission. When the systems indicated a weapon carrying vessel heading to sea, they were required to track down that vessel. Whilst carrying out the mission, the teams discovered that the vessel is carrying a ground-to-air missiles and the area was immediately declared a missile-stricken area. After a few minutes, the pilots faced an engine suddenly shot down and had to rapidly carry out emergency landing while keeping distance from the dangerous area.

"In these situations, the captain, who is the commander of the mission, must take a quick decision to deal with the problem", said Major Gavri, Commander of the "Beechcraft King Air" training center. "Flying in a simulator is highly important. Some things can't be simulated during real flight".

Annual Ground Training Days
When training with the ground simulator, the air crews learn to deal with unexpected challenges and problems that may raise during flight, from technical malfunctions to enemy threats. Each light transport pilots must undergo a number of training day in the simulator each year, parallel to operational real flights in the light transport squadrons (The "First" and the "Aerial Kings" squadrons.

"Together with simulator training, the center passes ground instructions to the air crews in which they are exposed to the most severe problems that may take place in air". The center is the main source of knowledge for the light transport formation, and when a question rises during a sortie, the instructions are the ones to answer it.

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Photo by: Gui Ashash