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Romanian Air Force Commander Visited IAF Release date 31.05.2015
The Romanian Air Force Commander arrived for an official visit in Israel last week. This is his first visit since taking office in December 2013
Noa Fenigstein

Major General Laurian Anastasof, the Commander of the Romanian Air Force, arrived in Israel for an official visit to the IAF as a guest of Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, IAF Commander, accompanied by Brig Gen. Lian Somesan, the Romanian Air Force Head of Materiel Directorate. This is the first visit of Maj. Gen. Anastasof since taking office in December 2013.

During his visit, Maj. Gen. Anastasof arrived at the Southern Nevatim Airbase, home of the "Hercules" airplane, a platform common for both air forces. He was impressed with the activity in the airbase and flew the F-16 A/B fighter jet of the "Defenders of the South" Squadron.

Tightening Relationship
A strong relationship was formed between the Israeli and Romanian Air Forces following the 2010 IAF Sikorsky CH-53 crash in Romania, in which six air crew members of the "Nocturnal Birds" squadron and a Romanian officer were killed. A year after the accident, the two forces began practicing together again, executing many training exercises for the Hercules squadrons ever since.

Alongside military cooperation, a contract for enhancing the Romanian Hercules C-130 airplanes was signed between the Israeli "Elbit Systems" and the Romanian Air Force. As part of the project, which is scheduled to be completed during the present year, the Israeli company will cooperate with local industries and mainly with the Aeronautic industry of Romania.

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