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Earth Day: Nevatim Airbase's Recycling Yard Release date 19.04.2015
As part of a special recycling project held in Nevatim Airbase, materials are being collected by civilian contractors, recycled and reused. The money is used for the benefit of the Airbase's soldiers
Shani Poms

Take a minute and think about all the materials and products left behind by humans and can be reused. The IDF has joined the "Green" world-wide efforts and have launched several environmentally-friendly projects over the last years.
In honor of "Earth Day" celebrated this week, IAF site presents a wonderful "green" project: the recently inaugurated recycling yard of Nevatim Airbase.

Protecting the Environment
Nevatim is one IAF's biggest airbases and its large number of units and soldiers generate a lot of waste. In the past, the Airbase designated an area to which all out-of-use products and materials were brought and stored. Recently, it was finally decided to organize and sort the waste in the site and turn it into a recycling yard.
Today, civilian contractor arrive at the yard on a regular basis and collect metals, plastic and wood.

"We actually have a double profit here", determines Major Tal, Commander of Air Logistics Dept. and one of project's leaders. "We manage to take out large amounts of waste and simultaneously receive financial return without making an effort".
Besides cleanliness, the recycling yard has a high environmental importance. "The materials accumulating here are great for reuse. The air conditioners, for example, contain aluminum that can be extracted and reused. Instead of being burnt, wood is also being transferred to contractors for recycling, preventing the damage caused to the environment by incineration", he says.

Everybody Wins
The other beneficiaries of the project are the soldiers the base, inasmuch as the money is channeled to improve the quality of life in the airbase.
"This was one of our goals to begin with. The incoming money helped us renovate the barracks and update the electrical equipment in the units' recreational rooms", notes Major Tal. "What I love about this project is that everybody wins here: we earn money to benefit our soldiers and the contractors receive high-quality materials and help the environment".

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Photo by: Gui Ashash