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Police and IAF Intertwined Release date 29.03.2015
The IAF and the Israeli Police have the same goal – protecting the Israeli citizens. Each force has its own missions, but in some cases they'll work together for better results
Eilon Tohar | Translation: Eden Sharon

Massive fire, maritime event or terrorist infiltration are just a few examples for scenarios in which cooperation between the IAF and the Israeli Police is required.
This cooperation, in training and in real-time, is beneficial not only in the operational aspect, but improves the individual capabilities of every unit. Thus explains Commander Yossi Golan, Head of "Yoav" Unit which focuses on assisting civilian enforcement platforms and provides initial response in case of terrorist infiltration.

The unit takes part in a series of practices with the IAF helicopter squadrons which began after Operation "Protective Edge".
"Ultimately, the Israeli Police and the IAF has a common goal - defending the State of Israel", he determines. "Once a joint goal is set, it is possible to join forces and reach great achievements. The training serves not only us but also the IAF and squadron commanders indicate a positive learning process among the air crew members".

Combined Aerial and Ground Activity
During Operation "Protective Edge", the Israeli Security Forces dealt with terrorist infiltration to the area of Kibbutz Zikim near the Gaza Strip.
"Following the operation, the IAF and the "Yoav" Unit joined together in order to formulated a joint training program aimed to counter this scenarios", says Commander Yossi Golan.

Last Wednesday, the forces simulated a scenario in which a car breeches the Israeli border. The helicopter had to locate the car from the air and assist the ground forces. "When you operate both from the ground and the air you generate an advantage", explains Commander Golan. "We will continue to work hard until we would witness maximal capabilities from our unit and the pilots".

Police Helicopters alongside Firefighting Planes
The IAF Aerial Firefighting Unit is also well-acquainted with the police and has a history of joint cooperation with the force.
"The police helicopters view the whole scene from above and can assist both ground firefighting forces and the planes of the Aerial Firefighting Unit", explains Lieutenant Colonel Eran, Commander of the Aerial Firefighting Unit. "With the help of the police, firefighting becomes much easier, shorter and more efficient".

Extensive conflagration is where the police helicopters enter the picture, hover above the scene and manage the event from the air.
Captain (Res.) Tomer, a pilot in the unit, gives an example: "A large fire was raging in Jerusalem last year, spreading toward houses and forests. It was a mountainous area and the heavy smoke made it difficult to get a clear view of the fire. Once the police helicopter arrived at the scene, it helped us direct the forces and rapidly reduce risk to human life".

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Photo by: Adar Yahalom