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All Together Now - Attack Release date 17.02.2015
A special training exercise brought together IAF attack helicopter squadrons to practice war games while flying in formations. Additional joint training sessions are expected during next months
Eilon Tohar | Translation: Eden Sharon

It is not common to witness an "Apache Longbow" pilots carrying out a mission while being led by "Apache" pilots. A special training exercise combining the "Hornet" (Apache Longbow) and the "Magic Touch" (Apache) squadrons was held earlier this week.
The pilots of the sister squadrons, which operate different models of attack helicopters, got to fly together and learn from each other while working on different scenarios.

"There were joint strikes carried out by the two squadrons during Operation 'Protective Edge' and there is a good chance that we will be working together further in the future", says Lieutenant Tomer, who was in charge of the training exercise on behalf of the "Hornet" squadron. "This is why it is important to practice joint events and use each squadron's unique capabilities so we may learn from each other".

The different attack helicopters flew together in joint formations, led alternately by the "Apache" and the" Apache Longbow".
The mixed formations made the training unique and similar exercises are expected in the next months. "The idea is creating cross-fertilization", determines Major Or, Deputy Commander of the "Hornet" squadron. "It always broaden the mind to see how a different pilot perform the same task you're performing".

"The air crew members were satisfied with the practice", adds Lieutenant Tomer. "The training exercise would have been significant even without the joint activity, because each squadron profited for itself".

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Photo by: Hagar Amibar