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IAF Commander Met Miss Universe Release date 25.01.2015
The 2015 Miss Universe will be announced today, but the IAF has its own one for nearly 40 years. IAF Commander met with Rina Mor, his youth instructor from old days and the 1976 Miss Universe
IAF Site | Translation: Eden Sharon

The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant will take place today in the US - a great opportunity to remember our Miss Universe, Rina Mor, so far the only Israeli representative to have won the pageant. But how is she related to the IAF?
In her youth, Rina was an instructor in the Aviation Youth Program and taught youngsters how to build model airplanes and how to glide. One of the teenagers, who didn't in fact like to build model airplanes, is the current IAF Commander, Major General Amir Eshel.

After almost 40 years, the instructor and cadet joined for a special meeting in the IAF Commander office. Excitement was at its peak and the memories from the little club, 40 years ago, filled the room. Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, who could not stop smiling during the entire meeting, spoke of the run-arounds the instructors made them go through, the special bond between the members of the club and the love for aviation and IAF heritage began back then. Rina, who saves a special place in her heart for the IAF, spoke about her past and the strong connection with the cadets.

40 Yeats Later: Talking About Education
40 years since the pageant, Rina Mor is an experienced lawyer and Maj. Gen. Eshel is the IAF Commander and the conversation turns to education, meaningful military service and the youth of present days. Instead of individual teenagers, the Aviation Youth Program will now address school classes and enrich students with lessons dealing with aviation and IAF heritage.

The heart of the program is the training week in the summer, where the cadets put on uniforms and experience military discipline for the first time. The youngsters will also visit different IAF Airbases and "Iron Dome" batteries and will be exposed to the various formations of the IAF.

In the last day of the program, the gliding day, each of the cadets will get to fly a glider - in the best tradition of the original program.

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