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A Star Is Born: A Name Is Chosen For the "Hermes 900" UAV Release date 20.03.2014
The "Hermes 900" UAV, manufactured by the Israeli company "Elbit Systems," received its official Hebrew name in the IAF: "Kochav" (star in Hebrew). The "Kochav" UAV strengthens the UAV arm of the IAF and designed for HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) reconnaissance missions
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The UAV arm of the IAF continues to expand: this week, a Hebrew name for the "Hermes 900" UAV was chosen: "Kochav" (star, in Hebrew).

The Israeli-built UAV serves at the Palmachim airbase and takes part in all kinds of reconnaissance missions and special missions.

The "Kochav" UAV, which is manufactured by the Israeli company "Elbit System", has joined the UAV Division of the IAF. It possesses wide range of capabilities, including the ability to carry out missions in all weather conditions.

The "Kochav" has innovative UAV capabilities: automatic takeoff, landing and breaking capabilities. Additionally, it has another operational advantage over older aircrafts, as it can carry multiple payloads, allowing it to perform several missions during a single flight.


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