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IAF Soldier becomes European Judo Champion Release date 29.10.2013
Sergeant Sagi Moki, who serves at the Sde Dov airbase, won the gold medal at the European Championship in Judo up to 73 Kilograms, which was held about two weeks ago in Belarus. Alongside his military service, Sagi represents the IAF and the State of Israel all over the world. "It was fun and brought me great pride to hear the Israeli national anthem at the end of the competition"
Nadav Berger

Sergeant Sagi Moki, a soldier from the Sde Dov airbase, recently returned all the way from Minsk, Belarus to his base with another notch in his belt: the European champion in Judo up to 73 kilograms. Sergeant Moki beat contestants from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Italy, and in the final round defeated French rival Pierre Dofart and took the gold medal. "This was a very successful tournament", said Sagi. "It's great representing Israel with honor".

Sergeant Moki drafted as an outstanding athlete and he serves in the Vehicle Division of the Sde Dov base and he works hard to incorporate the training and competitions into military service. "I begin every day with a morning workout, from there I go to the army and then I go back to working out at night", he explained. "My commander is very considerate of my needs and allows me to come to workouts, and that way I manage to combine both areas of my life. It was important for me to draft into the army because I believe that it's very important that everyone contribute to the army as much as he can".

In Sergeant Moki's eyes, whether he wears his army uniform or his judo uniform, his contributions to the State are equally important. "It's important to me to serve the State as an athlete:, he says. "This year, I got to play the national anthem in Georgia, Estonia, and Belarus, and last year in Germany. Every time the audience stands for the anthem, it's fun and brings me great pride", he adds. In 2016, he will take part in a very important sporting event in the world: The Olympics in Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil, where he hopes to continue representing Israel with honor.


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