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Through the Mirror of Time Release date 25.04.2012
The archive of the IAF magazine uncovered wonderful pictures from the IAF's first steps. Our photographers were sent to the same spots to see what exactly has changed
The IAF Website

Project "In the Mirror of Time": In honor of Independence Day, the IAF website offers you a unique look into the IAF of then and now. The technology may have developed and the planes replaced, but the spirit and people have stayed the same.

"Above the tower around I shall look, my eyes will take in the distance"--The control tower at Sde-Dov airbase, which until this day tracks private and operational flights, in 1948 and 2010.

"From my window I see a plane taking off, a plane disappearing into the faraway clouds"--The view from Tel-Nof airbase in 1949 and 2010.

"You've got a friend in me"--The technicians of the "First Combat" squadron, working on planes together, in 1948 and 2010.

Working hard to prepare the next flight--the control and operational rooms in IAF squadrons in 1950 and 2010.

Commanders of the force and state leaders arrive at a Pilot Training Course graduation ceremony, in 1953 and 2009.

The Prime Minister climbs onto a plane at an IAF airbase: David Ben-Gurion in 1962 and Benjamin Netanyahu in 2009

Israel from above: Then and today.