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First Time Around Release date 27.02.2012
Many years have passed since women were first integrated into the lines of the IAF. The Defense Formation has already presented its first Anti Aircraft battery female officer but now the Technical Formation has a chance to introduce a new representative: Captain Merav Buchris, the first female Ammunition Officer since the establishment of the IAF
Tal Michael

Unlike others, who might have been overjoyed to receive this title, Captain Merav Buchris won't admit to the groundbreaking nature of her new role. "Honestly, I wasn't surprised I got this job", she says. "It was my goal and dream, and I achieved it".

 Confused? Don't be. Captain Buchris doesn't believe that things are simply handed to you, she just knows how to value them in her own special way. "I knew I wanted a military career ever since I was a child. I knew I wanted to study Electronics; I have been wearing a military uniform since I was 13". She began her military future in the Technical Academy in Haifa, followed by a service at the missile guidance unit of Ramat David airbase. At this point, Merav had gotten onto the highway toward her success. "After a year and a half in the IAF I entered a technical officer's course which is meant for people who have been a part of the force for a long time and have a lot of experience. I didn't let the small details bother me as I moved towards achieving my goals and making my own personal dream come true". Buchris had been committed to her job for almost two years at the IAF headquarters before going back "home", to the aircrafts, ammunition and the hardened aircraft shelters. "I was reassigned as a maintenance officer in "Hatzor "Airbase and in only two reached my current position as the First Ammunition Officer of the "First Combat" formation.

"People within the Formation don't assign much importance to the fact that I'm a woman, they seem me as a professional authority. Everyone is congratulating me, and it's nice to see that stigmas don't get in the way. Suddenly people can contribute and become professional".

Captain Buchris has received one of the most challenging roles in the technical world. "We work around the clock, one takeoff after the other. We start arming the next aircraft before the previous one has even landed. It's very intense. In the end of the day, anyone can achieve anything and succeed if he or she really wants to and believes it".

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Captain Merav Buchris. In the Backround: An F-16 from the "First Combat" Squadron
Captain Merav Buchris. In the Backround: An F-16 from the "First Combat" Squadron