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Learning from Each Other Release date 17.12.2011
Italian Air Force pilots recently took off for the last time from the southern “Uvda” Airbase, making their way back to Italy and thus sealing two weeks of joint exercises with the IAF
Shai Rosenfeld and Lilach Gonen

For two weeks, Italian Air Force members stayed in the "Uvda" airbase, conducting a joint exercise with the IAF.

"This is the second time the Italian Air Force has come to practice in Israel. This year in a larger scale of manpower and planes", said Lieutenant Colonel A', Commander of the "Flying Dragon" squadron. "Last year, only the 'Tornado' planes came to practice with us. This year the 'Eurofighter' participated as well".

A Decade of Cooperation
During their stay, the Italians were treated to a wide range of special practices. In the first week, they shared an exercise with the "Flying Dragon" squadron, which specializes in enemy simulation and in the second, they were joined by the "Hammers" squadron from "Hatzerim" Airbase and the "Knights of the North" squadron from "Ramat-David" Airbase.
"The cooperation with the Italians has been ongoing for close to a decade", said Brigadier General Hagi Topolansky, Head of the Aerial Division. "Our joint exercises allow us to reach depth in various types of practice at the highest levels".
The Italian Head of Aerial Division added: "We conduct several kinds of practices, learning much from the IAF and from each other".

In light of the geographical differences between Italy and Israel, there are outlines and exercises that the Italians are able to practice in Israel that they cannot in their own backyard.

"We really can practice excellently here", said Florenzo Arbeno, Head of the Italian Delegation. "The ranges here are different than the places we practice and flying here is possible in low altitudes as well".
The two weeks were sealed with a joint evening for the Italian and Israeli pilots, which included good food and hot drinks.

"We have a good relationship and we're happy to see one another. As a participant in previous exercises with the Italians, I know that there is really a relationship of good friendship", said Lieutenant Colonel A', Commander of the "Knights of the North" squadron.

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The Official Patch of the Joint Exercise
The Official Patch of the Joint Exercise