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International Tour Release date 15.12.2011
Dozens of foreign representatives arrived at "Uvda" Airbase for a day-visit. They watched IAF aircrafts taking off to the skies above, followed by various lectures which revolved around the State of Israel and the IAF
Lilach Gonen and Shai Rosenfeld

Various uniforms decorated the southern IAF "Uvda" Airbase. Representatives from over 30 countries around the world including Greece, Japan, Hungary and Romania, arrived at the airbase for a seminar dedicated to military attachés, conducted by the IAF.

During the attaché visits around the airbase, they were invited to watch the force's aircrafts in action, observing take-offs and landings of different airplanes while listening to explanations of their capabilities.
"We invited the foreign attaches so that they could get an impression of IAF training and get know the force better", says Colonel A', Commander of "Uvda" Airbase.
"Joint training hours with foreign forces is crucial for our country, the IDF and for the IAF in many respects. It's safe to say that it is no less important for the foreign forces to train with us, since we are very challenging".

In addition to the passing aerial demonstration, lectures about the State of Israel ensued, including a short historical one about the background of the "Uvda" airbase. Later that day, several IAF officers lectured to the military attachés about the different threats that Israel and the IDF are facing.

Following the lectures, the attachés displayed much interest in Israel concerning its territory and other aspects, shared their personal experiences and memories of the country and conversed about their different backgrounds.

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