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Greek Breeze Release date 17.10.2010
For the first time in many years, Greek and Israeli Air Forces conducted a joint exercise. The two forces learned from each other, and Israeli participants discovered new geographic areas where they simulated various combat scenarios. The successful cooperation is planned to continue, with further exercises scheduled for the upcoming years
Dana Russo | Translated by: Nikolai Avrutov

A joint exercise between Greek and Israeli air forces took place this week at the Greek Pelion Peninsula.
After practicing in an unfamiliar, mountainous area, and in difficult weather conditions, "Black Hawk" and "Apache" helicopters safely returned to their home bases in Israel. “We consider the joint exercise a success”, said Lieut. Col. C, head of the delegation. “It was important for both sides to meet and practice together. We did our best to make full use of the time we had there”.
Head of the helicopter squadron, Brig. Gen. David Barki, visited at the Greek air base, and flown "Black Hawk" helicopter during his stay there. “Training here allows us to work on scenarios which are difficult to simulate in Israel”, he said, as he disembarked from his helicopter. “While we have worked on similar simulations in other countries, there is a lot we can learn from the Greek Air Force”.
The exercise is a first in many years, but it is likely not be the last. Plans are drawn for a similar exercise in Greece as well as in Israel. “This was a very successful exercise. We invite you to come to Israel and fly together there”, concluded Barki in his talks with the Greek crew. “We still have a lot to learn from each other”.

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