IAF Commanders

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Dani Halutz

April 2000 - April 2004

Dan Halutz, the fourteenth Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force, graduated from Flight School in July 1968 as a fighter pilot. Following an advanced training course on the Ouragan jet, he served for four months in a Mystère squadron, and eight months in a Vautour squadron. In December 1969 he was amongst the first chosen to join the IAF's first Phantom squadron, "The One" Squadron, then the force's most senior squadron. During the War of Attrition he flew more than forty operational flights.
In 1973, Halutz completed his first term of service as a career soldier and turned to academic studies. With the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War he returned to "The One" Squadron, flying 43 sorties throughout the war, and downing three enemy aircraft. The first was an Egyptian MiG-21, which he brought down a week into the war. Nine days later, on 23rd October, he downed two Syrian MiG-21s, the first with an AIM 9D, and the second with an AIM 7.

Halutz returned to the Air Force in 1975, in within a short period of time he had carried out the roles of Second-in-Command A, and Second-in-Command B of the "The One" Squadron. With the completion of his second term of service, Halutz went back to academic studies, completing his bachelor's degree in Economics at Tel Aviv University.
The Lebanon War broke out in June 1982, and brought Halutz back to the Air Force a second time. He was re-trained on the F-16 "Netz", which at the time was new to the IAF, and served as a pilot in a "Netz" squadron. In 1983 he transferred to IAF Headquarters, serving as the head of the Weaponry Department. In 1984 was promoted to lieutenant colonel, and took charge of the "Knights of the Orange Tail" Squadron. After two years he was appointed head of the Operational Unit of the "Lavi" project, receiving the rank of colonel.

In July 1991, he took command of the Hatzor Airbase. In August 1993 he was promoted to the rank of brigadier general and appointed head of the Air Group. After two years he was appointed head of IAF Headquarters. In July 1998 he was promoted to major general, and served as assistant to the head of the IDF's Operations Department. A year later, when the headquarters were restructured, Halutz was appointed as the first head of the Operations Directorate.
In April 2000 he was appointed Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force.

In April 2004 he ended his period as Commander in Chief of the IAF and became Deputy Chief of Staff of the IDF.
In June 2005 he was appointed Chief of Staff of the IDF.
On 17th January 2007, Lieutenant General Dan Halutz resigned from his position as Chief of Staff.

Dani Halutz
Dani Halutz