IAF Commanders

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Commander of the IAF, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin

August 2017 - Present

Maj. Gen. Norkin was born in Israel in 1966, drafted into the IAF Flight Academy in 1985 and completed his training in the IAF Flight Academy's Fighter Division with honours. He was then assigned to the "Knights of the Twin Tail" Squadron, which operates the "Baz" (F-15), and became the youngest F-15 pilot in the world.

After serving in a number of operational positions in the IAF, Maj. Gen. Norkin was appointed Commander of the "Knights of the Twin Tail" Squadron and later headed the "Negev" Squadron's establishment team in anticipation of the integration of the "Sufa" (F-16I) in 2004.

As head of the IAF Operations Department during the Second Lebanon War, Maj. Gen. Norkin wrote the command for Operation "Density", in which the majority of the Hezbollah's Fajr rocket division was destroyed in 34 minutes.

In 2009 Maj. Gen. Norkin was promoted to the rank of Brig. Gen. and appointed Commander of Tel-Nof AFB.

Between the years 2012-2014 Maj. Gen. Norkin served as Head of the IAF's Air Division, and in the year after was appointed Chief of Air Staff.

In 2015, Maj. Gen. Norkin was promoted to the rank of Maj. Gen. and appointed head of the IDF Planning Directorate. On August 14, 2017, he assumed command of the IAF.

Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin is an Alumnus of the Israel National Defense College and holds an M.A in Political Science (with honors), from the University of Haifa.

Maj. Gen. Norkin is married and a father of three.