The Yom Kippur War, 19.10.73 (13:15)

Location: Dwer Suer, Downed Plane: two Egyptian Sukhoi-7s

Time: 13:15 on 19.10.1973.

Formation: Epstein - Dror. Plane: Nesher No. 61.

Location: Dwer Suer.

Result: two Sukhoi-7s shot down. One with a missile, the other with cannon.

After staying in Refidim for two days of readiness duty, I was assigned to the readiness pairs, along with the rest of the guys. At about 10:00, two pairs were scrambled towards the Canal for an attack. [They] met some Sukhois and MiG-17s and shot down a few of them. We were scrambled to patrol after their dogfight was over, and held the skies until other formations came in from the north to replace us. At noon we were again in readiness duty. We were scrambled to head off an Egyptian attack in the Dwer Suer area, above the bridge.


We ran very fast and reached the lake before the aggressors did. The speed was great, and when we saw [the enemy planes] turning in from the west, there was no way we could come in on them. I had to execute a 270 [degree turn] to the left, while pulling above the lake, in order to place myself behind them. They were four pairs in a column, all of them rocket-armed Sukhoi-7s.

We saw them coming in from south to north along the Canal, near the bridge. The huge concentration of our vehicles and tanks stood there, in lines. I saw a bus go up in flames after being hit by a rocket. I moved in against the third pair in the column and immediately fired a missile on the rear plane. It was hit, blew up and fell into the Canal. His Number Four cut hard to the left and got away without releasing his munitions. I let him go and continued to chase after the second pair, which had just come out of the attack run. We were going west. I still had the detachable belly fuel tank on me, and was going too fast to let go of it now.

I kept up the chase, and closed in slowly, until the range was down to 300 meters. The pilot carried out sharp turns to the sides at very low altitude and at high speed. Because of the speed and the plane I was flying I couldn't really aim well. I tried a few small bursts and missed.

I decided to continue the chase up to the Egyptian AA defense's front line. I kept going after him, like that, until we were 10 - 15 miles from the Canal, and then, when he was carrying out one of his sharp turns, I put a bead on his line of flight, shot a long burst and broke sharply eastward, homeward. I didn't know if I had hit [the plane], and then, during the turn, I 'dropped' my right wing and saw him spill and explode on the ground in a huge [explosion] of napalm.

I returned to the Canal and met Dror, who had also been chasing after a pair, but they were clever enough not to turn to the sides, and he was unable to close in on them.