The Leader in air superiority

The Messerschmitt was the IAF's first true combat plane. The first planes were sold to Israel by Czechoslovakia in 1948. The first Messerschmitt landed at IAF Base Tel Nof in May of 1948, inside the belly of a DC-4.

"A great day", read the entry for June 3rd 1948 in the 'First Combat' Squadron.

Until that day, Egyptian Dakotas had been bombing Tel Aviv virtually unmolested. Moddy Allon, the squadron commander, decided to put an end to this Egyptian chutzpah. The sun was setting when the pair of Egyptian Dakotas reappeared over the Jewish city. This time, Moddy was ready for them. He took off in his Messerschmitt.

The dogfight took place over Tel Aviv's central residential area. The inhabitants came out of the bomb shelters when they heard the machine gun bursts overhead. They climbed to the rooftops to get a good view of the fight, and one resident even managed to record the dogfight for posterity with his camera.

Moddy hit the first Dakota, and it began losing altitude rapidly, finally crashing in the sand dunes south of Bat Yam. The second Dakota tried to get away, but Allon caught up to it over Nes Tziona-Rehovot.

The Egyptian was looking for suitable targets for his bombs when Moddy appeared behind him and shot off several well-aimed bursts from his cannon. The Dakota nosedived and crashed on the seashore to the west of Rehovot. Old-timers will tell you that people danced the hora in celebration in Samuel Circle in Tel Aviv, and that Allon's room was flooded with flowers, chocolates and bottles of champagne: gifts of gratitude from the people of Tel Aviv to the man who delivered them from the terror of the Egyptian aerial bombardment.