About the Website

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About the site

The official Israeli Air Force website

The site is best experienced using:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and up
  • Firefox version 3 and up

The new website was launched July 1st, 2010.

The IAF website is a comprehensive source of information, with tens of thousands of articles, images, movies and other information about the Israeli Air Force, its history, creed, and values.

The site is organized in three categories: People, Operations, and Technology. These are the cornerstones of the Air Force, representing its core values, quality, and abilities.

In designing the new site, a special effort was made to employ the latest internet technologies, incorporating the new-media world into a modern and easy to navigate design, where needed information is easy and simple to locate.

The first IAF website, launched in Sep. 1998, was the IDF first, and through several updates remained the most technologically advanced among the army’s sites.

A large part of the new web is dedicated to young recruits, and discussion forums on various Aerospace related topics.

We hope you will enjoy the new web, and find it to be useful, interesting, and exciting!

Website Commander: Captain Sapir Nissim

Editor-in-Chief: Shachar Zorani

Social Media: Talya Yariv

Graphic Design: Yarden Brikman

Project Manager: Yosi Didi

Technological development officer: Alex Stenovski

Budget managers: Amit David and Nadav Kasher

Events and Wars calendar: written with the assistance of the History and information unit, and Moti Havakuk

Recruits section: Eynat Ravid and Roei Shafrir, under the guidance of HOTAM

English Translation: Ofri Aharon, Ohad Zeltzer-Zubida

For comments and suggestions, please contact us here.