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ISTAR's Stars

Liat BloombergerThe secrecy surrounding the ISTAR unit makes it almost impossible to report on. Its staff has all gone through a long and difficult training program and work hard around the clock to gather information and produce intelligence reports. In short, it's a small unit that, very quietly, makes a big impact

‎Ben Gurion Airport, Watch Out

Shani PhaisIt's not just another airport where you can enjoy the duty free or a restaurant meal as you wait for your flight abroad. Spaceport America is intended for the first private flights to space. Work is already underway, and for those who want to be an astronaut (and have the financial means), the dream is closer than ever.

Airborne Alone

Yael Harari | Photography: Lior Dayan | Translation: Nikolai AvrutovRecently, a young pilot in training was forced to abandon its "Efroni" (T-6A) aircraft. When a pilot is forced to abandon its aircraft, he is forced to also abandon the feelings, thoughts, and understandings that accumulated over time. The physical challenge of ejecting from the plane is often accompanied by a mental challenge, which persists long after the pilot safely parachuted onto the ground. How to deal with an aircraft that "betrayed" you? How to handle the "noises" coming out of the engine of the next plane? Apparently, there is more than one answer

The “Sting” has landed

Noam Ofir | Udi Ezion | Nikolai AvrutovIn recent months, Russia negotiates the sales of MIG-29 fighter jets to Syria. This is a good time to recall that in 1997, under a heavy cloud of secrecy, three MIG-29 “Fulcrum” ("Sting" in Russian)) landed in Israel. For several weeks, Israeli test pilots learned the plane and its weapon systems inside and out, flown numerous hours, and tested the jet’s abilities when facing Israeli fighter jets

Bombing Hell

Gal Goldstein | Translation: Avrutov NikolaiThe question of whether or not it was possible to stop the mass murder at the Auschwitz death camp during WWII came up many times in recent decades. Sergeant El Webber, who flew on sorties over the death camp, shares his memories and thoughts

To shoot or not to be

Written by: Yael Harari | Translation: Nikolai AvrutovIn combat, a few seconds of hesitation may bear a heavy cost. This lesson, along with many others, helicopter air crews learned at a special workshop, conducted by the "Flying Dragon" squadron. With topics ranging from formation's leader responsibility, to life and death decision on the surface, workshop participants contemplated battle field dilemmas and the decisions to be made

Fifth Generation in Israel

Sivan GazitIt's one of only two fifth-generation combat aircraft in the world, a stealth jet with impressive fighting, bombing and transport capabilities, and for the IDF it's the aircraft of the future. The F-35 is already taking shape, and the Air Force is doing all it can to acquire it as fast as it can, in order to preserve its aerial supremacy in the Middle East.  

Desert Birds on Mount Hermon

Kalia Ben-Amram | Photography: Inbal GolombMount Hermon and the surrounding area attract thousands of Israelis, particularly during the winter, yet many dangers threaten this region. IDF troops and the police force contended with these hazards during a large-scale exercise in which the "Desert Birds" Squadron played a central role. 


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August Around the World

The possible solution of the Malaysian Airplane mystery, the lettuce from outer space, Airbus's futuristic missile-like airliner and the largest European aerial training exercise since the Cold War. An aerial look on August

Ramat-David Airbase

Ramat David Airbase was established by the British in 1941, as part of the Royal Air Force infrastructure. It was intended to function as an alternative to the base in Haifa, that had been attack by German aircraft during World War Two.

Sikorsky CH-53 ('Yas'ur')

The IAF's main transport helicopter. Since entering service in 1969, the 'Yas'ur' has taken part in numerous operations in enemy territory. In these operations - most of which remain secret - the IAF has made full use of its varied capabilities in rescue, carrying large payloads, transporting troops and equipment and long distance flight

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